I am a Canadian photographer exploring how activity in someone’s mind transfers to facial expressions and body language in a portrait photograph. The resulting images are a unique combination of strength, vulnerability and authenticity. To capture this subtle complexity, I use a lengthy, psychological process involving intense conversation paired with quiet reflection and visualization by the subject. The work is successful when my connection with the subject translates into energy felt by the viewer.

My portrait-making process is highly collaborative. At times, I closely observe and work with the subject to find body positions that feel natural with the goal of making a quiet but powerful image.

During my graduate work at the University of Houston, I will continue developing this process through a variety of projects. Influences on my portrait making include Marcel Sternberger, often credited as the first artist to explore the intersection of psychology and photographic portraiture, as well as Paul D'Amato, Mike Disfarmer, Jess T. Dugan and Alec Soth.


I have published and exhibited photographic work in North America, as well as internationally. My studio portrait project, Philly Style, capturing the personal style of 51 people, was exhibited at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center in 2019.

Having lived and worked as an artist, journalist and entrepreneur on four continents helps me quickly achieve rapport with a wide range of portrait subjects. The founder of EDGE YK, an alternative magazine based in Canada’s Northwest Territories, I'm strongly influenced by documentary storytelling both in and out of the studio.

While living in Toronto in 2002, I learned to make images using a 35mm SLR originally purchased to photograph me as a child. Today, I see photography as an increasingly democratic visual lingua franca used to disseminate ideas in art and culture.

I am enrolled in the University of Houston’s Photography and Digital Media MFA and hold a Certificate in Contemporary Practices from the PPAC.

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